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Fraternities have been an essential part of student life, enhancing both the academic and extracurricular experience for thousands of men at Ohio University since 1841. Fraternities at Ohio University are not only social organizations—they are groups that pride themselves in community service, philanthropy, scholarship, honor, and tradition. They are aimed to unite individuals of similar interests while developing them as leaders of men who leave our institution with the transferable skills and experiences needed to achieve success in the real world.

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Exec attends AFLV

The  Interfraternity Council attended the Association of Fraternal Leadership Values conference in Indianapolis Last month. The conference was a four-day meeting involving speakers from fraternities and sororities alike, with backgrounds ranging from CEOs to college professionals. Along with bettering ourselves in our individual positions, we were able to use this experience to bond as a council and spend time getting to know the councils for  WPA, NPHC, and MGC. We believe this experience will benefit everyone as we move forward into 2017!